Perk of Living in the Country

So our dog barks like crazy at night. All night. Every night. It’s enough to drive a person slightly insane. My husband finally went outside one night to see what was so important that she had to let everyone know about it at midnight. He shined the spotlight all around our house, and when he got to the tree line behind our house he saw about 10 pairs of eyes staring right back at him. He ran back in like a mad man, grabbed his gun, and now three days later this is our freezer.


I am so proud of my husband for bringing home the bacon, or the deer meat I should say.We will be eating very well for a long time, and saving a ton of money on meat. All of this meat only cost us about $10! Ten bucks for all of that fresh meat is pretty awesome and exciting! Now, to come up with some ways to eat this deer meat!


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