A Cautionary Kitchen Tale

So I received a mandolin slicer for Christmas, and I’ve been super excited to try it out. I finally whipped it out tonight and was planning on frying up some potatoes to go with dinner. All was going well until I stepped away for a second and the glass baking dish I was putting the finished potatoes in literally exploded. As in, glass went EVERYWHERE. It was loud and messy and scary and dangerous. I seriously felt that I had a near death experience, or at least a near blinding experience. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why a baking dish would randomly explode into a million pieces. Ok, maybe not a million pieces, but lots of pieces.

Anyway, I finally figured out what happened, and I felt like a total idiot. I feel it is now my duty to remind and warn all of you.

Make sure all burners on the stove are off before placing a glass baking dish on it.

You’ve been warned.




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