My son had a bare spot on his wall that had been driving me crazy for months. I had been trying to think of something fun and creative to fill the void, and I finally saw something on Pinterest that I knew he would love-spray-painted dinosaurs on colored canvases!

So we hopped in the car and headed to my all-time favorite store-Hobby Lobby. I could get in big trouble in that store!

We loaded our basket with plastic dinosaurs, spray paint in 3 different colors, canvases, acrylic paint in the same 3 colors that we got in spray paint, and paint brushes.


I spray painted three dinosaurs different colors, and did the same with the canvases and acrylic paint. I had to do two coats on the canvases to make them look even. Then, when everything was dry, I glued the dinosaurs on the canvases with a craft glue.


Don’t pay attention to my hideous table. It’s a work in progress.

Then they were ready to hang up! I’m very happy with how they turned out, and my son loves them. My only problem is keeping him from taking them off the wall to play with them.



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